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    Create your community and add members

    Create your community

    Follow these steps to create a community:

    The prerequisite for creating a community is: your trial month is running, or you have an active subscription (see your profile → subscription)

    1. Log into your Gumb account: Log-in
    2. Click the plus button below your profile picture icon on the left sidebar.
    3. Choose a name and category for your community.
    4. Click on 'Create Community'.


    Before adding the members, start by setting up all the community settings:

    (click on the article)

    - Edit community homepage and details

    Customize notifications

    Create event types

    - Create answer options

    - Create tasks


    Once everything is prepared and set, continue with member management:

    Add new user

    Edit membership requests

    Member management

    Roles and Permissions

    - Matrix



    Create events

    You can, of course, create appointments at any time, whether before or after you add members.

    Create events



    A number of the most important links directly for sharing (e.g., to all your members): The most important links
    Or here is the link with download links via our website: Where can I get the Gumb app?


    If you have further questions or need support, please contact us via our contact form.