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About Your Gumb Subscription 💶

Do members have to pay?

No, members don't have to pay. Once a community is activated by a subscriber (the community owner), members can use Gumb for free. 👍🏼

Who pays for Gumb?

When you create a new community on Gumb, you automatically become the "Community Owner" 👑. Each community can only have one owner, and this person is responsible for the subscription and its management.

You can see all the communities you're a member of, or that you own and manage as a subscriber, in your profile under "My Communities." The community owners (i.e., the subscribers) are displayed to all members in their user profiles under "My Communities."

Your subscription renews automatically

When you subscribe, you enter into an agreement with no fixed end date. This means your subscription will automatically renew after the chosen period (one year or one month). 🔄

Important: We'll send you a reminder email before your subscription automatically renews. 📧

Manage Your Subscription

You can view, manage, change, or cancel your subscription anytime in your profile under "Subscription."

Would it be possible to change ownership?

Yes, it is. Want to hand over responsibility for your Gumb community to someone else? No problem, we can help. 😊 You can find more information here: Transfer Ownership 🤝🏻

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