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Apple Calendar (iCal) Connection 🍏

Stay current with Gumb events on your Apple devices through iCloud Calendar subscriptions. This guide helps you start and manage your Gumb subscriptions seamlessly across devices.

Preparing Your Devices
  1. Update to the latest version of iOS on your iPhone and the latest version of macOS on your Mac to ensure compatibility with Gumb.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all of your devices.
  3. Before you can see a calendar subscription on all your devices, subscribe to the calendar on your Mac first ⚠️. If you subscribe to the calendar on your iOS device, iCloud won't update it to your other devices.

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💻 Set up Gumb on your Mac/Desktop/Browser

Step 1: Open Gumb → User Profile → and select CALENDAR CONNECTION.

Step 2: Click on "CONNECT APPLE (iCal)" and allow permission if Apple asks.

Step 3: Gumb will generate a link in iCal format for each community. Copy this link to use in your Apple Calendar.

Step 4: In Apple Calendar, go to "Calendar" > "File" > "New Calendar Subscription".

Step 5: Enter the copied iCal link and click "Subscribe".

Step 6: Name the calendar, choose a color, set preferences like location (iCloud or Mac), or auto-refresh, and press "OK". Done ✅. Your calendar will now sync automatically.

📱 On Your Mobile Device (iOS)

Important for ⚠️ Mac users: To ensure your calendar syncs across all devices, first subscribe on your Mac. Directly subscribing on an iOS device won't sync with iCloud on other devices.

  1. Tap the "START" button at the bottom left of the app to begin.
  2. Click on your profile picture/user profile at the top corner of the app.
  3. Select the "CALENDAR CONNECTION" option from the list of available settings.
  4. Tap on "CONNECT" for the Apple Calendar.
  5. Gumb will create an iCal-format link for each community, tap "Subscribe" to start.
  6. Your Apple Calendar will open – Now click on "Subscribe".
  7. Choose iCloud or your account, then customize the name & color - and press "Add". Done ✅. Your calendar will now sync automatically.

What Happens Automatically?

  • From Gumb to Apple: If you add/change something in Gumb, your Apple Calendar updates automatically within minutes.
  • From Apple to Gumb: Changes in the Apple Calendar don’t affect Gumb. Edit or delete as you wish – Gumb remains unchanged.

Direct Links in Your Calendar:

Each Gumb event now has a clickable link, allowing you to manage your attendance directly in the app.

Good to Know:

  • Immediate Synchronization: Linking Gumb with your calendar syncs all events from the last week onwards, with no end date. You won’t miss a thing.
  • Admin Changes: If an admin makes changes in Gumb, you’ll see it after reloading the Apple Calendar page. It may take a moment.
  • Removed by Admin? If an admin removes someone from the community, synchronization for that person ends. All Gumb events disappear from their Apple Calendar.

Can't See Your Calendar Subscription?
  • If your calendar isn’t appearing on all devices, ensure you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • Subscribed calendars won’t update on iCloud.com or Outlook; check directly on your Apple devices.
  • After restoring calendars from iCloud.com, re-subscribe to ensure they’re up-to-date.

Unsubscribing from a Calendar

Clicking "Disconnect" in Gumb will remove all appointments from your Apple Calendar, but the calendar itself might still be visible. You can remove it as follows:

  • On macOS: Open Calendar, right-click the calendar you want to remove, and select Unsubscribe.
  • On iOS: Open Calendar, tap Calendars, select the Gumb calendar’s info button, and choose Delete Calendar.

We’re here to help. Please contact us through our contact form or email us at: support@gumb.app