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From club management and appointment coordination to live attendance tracking, Gumb's got your team covered.

  • Team & Club ManagementTeam & Club Management
  • Event Coordination & PlanningEvent Coordination & Planning
  • Multi-Team CalendarsMulti-Team Calendars
  • Attendance OverviewAttendance Overview
  • Stats TrackingStats Tracking
  • Email and Push NotificationsEmail and Push Notifications
  • Document StorageDocument Storage
  • Reliable CommunicationReliable Communication
  • Live Response MonitoringLive Response Monitoring
  • Automatic RemindersAutomatic Reminders
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We've all been there. An event's coming up, and the big puzzle begins: Who's available when? Endless streams of messages, endless waiting... Does it have to be this way?


With one click, you can schedule events and invite members. Everyone instantly gets a clear overview and can accept or decline with just another click. Planning becomes hassle-free. Focus on your business!

Gumb's Legacy!

Drawing from the experience of the "Team Plan Book", we understand team needs and have built the perfect solution for hassle-free planning. With Gumb, every event becomes a smashing success.

Before – After

Without Gumb
Scheduling withGumb

Event is distributed directly to all members via email distribution list, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram (or several at once).

Event communication

The event is created centrally in Gumb and Gumb informs the members via Gumb mobile app, email, push message (individually selectable).

Each member responds to email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram back to leadership team.
Problem: missed feedback deadlines!

Event feedback

One-click response with Gumb
(Web, iOS, Android)
(Pre-definable responses and optional comment)

Manually created Excel list by the leader. Uncertainties about attendance remain.

Schedule overview

Easy-to-read visualization of all events and attendance with Gumb (Web, iOS, Android)

· annoying communication channels
· High effort in the leadership team
· members do not feel sufficiently informed


· simple and fast
· everybody receives the same information every time

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Features & Functions

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    iOS, Android, and Web-App

    Whether you're an individual member or a leader, Gumb keeps you informed and organized on all devices.

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    E-mail Feature

    Email everyone? Or just those who said 'Yes, I'm in'? Gumb's email feature streamlines team communication precisely and efficiently.

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    Mobile Push Notifications

    As a member, you're always in the loop – be it for new or changed events. As a board member, you can ensure every change reaches each member directly and without detours.

And with over 100 other useful features ...

Quick tutorial - First steps

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