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    What is Gumb? (GumbApp) is published by Gumb AG, a software company.

    Gumb is an all-in-one app that lets you organize member management, team scheduling, communication, database, and appointment calendar. 📊

    All in a single cloud-based app. Available for iOS, Android, and web. 📲


    With Gumb, coaches, admins and event-organizers have less coordination effort, always have an overview of upcoming events and attendances – and stay organized!


    Our software was just published in 2020, and is mainly used by clubs, associations, and communities, as it's affordable and fully customizable for them.

    Coaches, board-members, group leaders, and organizers create worry-free schedules, and all members confirm or decline their availability, and as a result - saving tons of time organizing.


    On average, our customers highly appreciate getting:

    — a fast overview of their appointments

    — Event-participation statistics, with full transparency

    — Less Excel work and less communication effort


    With Gumb, every member knows at any time and immediately, no matter if they are PC-savvy or not: “Where to go, who’s going, and when.”


    Are you part of a team? Meet regularly?

    Then schedule your events on Gumb, log-in, and stay organized → All important links


    If you have further questions or need help, please contact us via the contact form.