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    Our Roadmap

    Currently, we share a more detailed roadmap to our German speaking users (Language switcher above). However, please find hereunder in English just a few of the features we are currently working on:

    In-App Step by Step Tutorial: Getting used to, or generally introduced to such a comprehensive tool, is not so easy for everyone. For this reason, an "in-app introduction" (a guided step-by-step tutorial) is planned directly in the app.


    Limit number of participants Maximum number of participants or members for an event or for a task


    Share event - link for a single event to send or share (e.g. via Whatsapp or by email)


    Synchronization with personal calendars: Calendar integration for Google, Apple and Outlook calendars are also planned.


    Download functions like download the member, the event list or download response statistics in CVS format.

    Statistics: Download options are generally planned for statistics. Here, however, we are clearly striving for more and want to enable long-term partnerships or at least connections, for example, with the Y+S ( or Federal Office for Sport, etc..



    Send email directly from the app to all members or groups. (Announcement: The current chat function will possibly be replaced with the known email function. Possible links to existing chat groups, such as your Threema, Whatsapp or Telegram groups are under consideration).

    In-App and Push Notifications: Appointment reminders (e.g. for last-minute appointment changes) and other notifications that can be set for you as a user but also for all communities or groups are planned and should be combined with push notifications, among other things ...

    Push notifications: For notifications to app (iOS/Android) users. The short notifications consist mainly of text in most cases and are displayed as an overlay on the smartphone and web version. The messages are received and displayed even if the app is not active at the time of sending. Here is a sharing function planned -> So appointments to click and by clicking to choose whether, for example, this appointment should be posted directly in a Whatsapp group.

    If you have further questions or need help, please contact us via the contact form.